Regardless on whether you plan the event for 5 or 500 people, organize a wedding, sporting games, presentation or town festival, during the course of planning and implementation of any event, there are important issues to be considered, which will guarantee that the ordered tents will be at the right place and time and that your event will be successful!

The “Event Guide” will assist you in successful planning and implementation of your event.

Prior to ordering the relevant tent, consider the following:

  • Precise assemblage and dismantling dates (consider the assemblage and dismantling times of tents);
  • The surface at the tent erection site (lawn, asphalt, tiles, field, sand, etc.), which is important in whether you choose a plastic or a wooden floor;
  • The base of the tent erection site (it must be flat – the difference in the terrain elevation may not exceed 10 cm);
  • Electricity and water supply (if it is necessary to use electric appliances, illumination, heating, water etc. for the event);
  • Access road and suitability thereof for delivery of the selected tent to the event site (see the section “Assemblage”);
  • Suitability of the erection site for the tent dimensions (sufficient floor area, wall and gable height; see the section “Assemblage”);

In order to alleviate the tent erection:

  • Create a layout of the tent site (establish the precise location in relation to other buildings and objects, identify the entry, exit, and window directions);
  • Print out the geographic map of the tent site for cases, when finding the precise address of the tent erection site could be encumbered (for instance, in rural territories or small towns), print out and mark the route for easier detection of the tent site. You can do it online at,, Send the map to the assemblage team of “Akurāts”.

In order to select a suitable sized tent for your event, evaluate the following:

  • The number of planned visitors, who will be at the tent simultaneously;
    • If you are planning an event involving activities, in order for the guests to feel comfortable, you will have to plan 2 m2 per each person.
    • If you are organising an event with sitting at tables (width 80 cm, length 222 cm), you must take into account that 8 people can comfortable sit at one table, i.e., four people on each side of the table;
  • The format of the planned event – it will determine the suitable tent size and walls with windows and doors (for instance, a tent intended for a concert, a disco, for a party with tables and catering, or whether the tent will serve for the needs of a warehouse, product presentations or exhibitions).

In order to select the suitable floor surface at the tent, evaluate the following:

  • Format of the planned event:
    • Active events (for instance, concerts, weddings, dancing events, and other activities with a large number of people) require the durable wooden floor;
    • For exhibitions, product presentations, or calm outings at tables, more suitable will be the green roll-out plastic floor;
  • The base of the tent site:
    • The wooden floor can be installed on various surfaces – lawn, tiles, sand, etc.;
    • The plastic floor is more suitable for covering lawns;
  • Exterior temperature at the time of erecting the tent:
  • The plastic flooring can be installed in temperatures down to -5C;
  • The wooden floor can be used at the tents also during the winter time in subzero conditions.

If you are planning to install the tent during cold weather in the fall, spring, or winter months, consider the following issues:

  • Tent can be heated with special gas heat lamps in order to turn the tents into cosy and warm premises for the needs of your events. One gas propane heater offered by SIA “Akurāts” will cover an area of ~ 20 sq. m.;
  • The flooring of the tent (in subzero conditions – wooden floor can be and plastic may not be installed);
  • The choice of tent material – 20m x 25m tent with glass and plastic panels will be more heat and humidity resistant than the tents with fabric walls;
  • It is better to choose closed, single doors to be protected against cold air inflow and draft wind.

When you plan erecting the tent, please, consider the following legal aspects:

  • Permits required to access the tent erection site (in case if necessary, the permit must be received and delivered to the assemblage team in advance);
  • Permit issued by the local municipality for erecting the tent and holding the event;
  • Necessity to insure the event and inventory;
  • Security personnel presence at the event (for instance, to ensure protection against technical damage to the tent, for which the lessee is held liable);
  • Fire extinguisher requirement (taking into consideration the specifics of the event, where heating or electric equipment is used);
  • Informing the local police about the event.

Other recommendations to consider when planning the event:

  • Use of mobile toilet services;
  • Waste removal services;
  • Emergency medical aid presence;
  • Ensuring access to the public event for people with movement disabilities.

If you encounter doubts or questions during the planning process about selection of the most suitable tent, SIA “Akurāts” represented by the knowledgeable and experienced employees will consult you and assist you in selection of the most suitable tent for the planned event.

Upon having considered all conditions and selecting the tent for your event, we suggest that you book the tent and the equipment as soon as possible – at least 2 months prior to the planned event. Timely reservation of the tents will guarantee that we have the required types and sizes of tents at our warehouse.

Please, fill in the Order form of “Akurāts” and specify the information about the tent/tents that you are interested in and about the event. The staff of “Akurāts” will get in touch with you within one business day following the receipt of the order.