Technical parameters
Dimensions 78 cm in diameter x 230 cm in height
Weight 13 kg (without the gas cylinder)
Capacity 13KW
Heat area 20m²
Gas consumption 10h (maximum mode)
Gas cylinder capacity 27L
Gas type propane
Colour metal

If you wish to heat the tent, you must take into account that one gas heat lamp is expected to heat an area of ~ 20 sq. m.

Installation and Delivery
The staff of SIA Akurāts performs installation and dismantling of the gas terrace heaters as well as connecting the first cylinder. The client will have to take care of exchange and connection of each subsequent cylinder. The propane gas cylinder is to be inserted into the heater base.
Installation of gas cylinders is performed in compliance with January 20, 1998 Regulations No. 23 of the Cabinet of Ministers.

Conditions of Use

  • The heater cannot be used in residential, office or similar premises
  • The heater can be used solely for heating
  • The heater must be placed on flat and stable surface
  • The gas cylinders must be protected from direct sunlight
  • The heater must be placed at least two meters away from all kinds of inflammable materials
  • After the gas cylinder exchange, make sure the connection is leak-proof
  • The leak check may not be performed with open fire
  • The gas heater may not be disassembled by the client
  • Upon completing the use of the heater as well as in case of damaged heater, the valve of the gas cylinder must be closed immediately
  • Prior to moving the heater, it must be turned off and the gas cylinder must be removed
  • In case of damaged heater, inform the employees of SIA Akurātes via telephone: 26338888
  • In case of damaged gas cylinder, inform the rescue service via telephone at 112

Starting the gas heaters:

  1. Open the gas cylinder valve
  2. Set the setting lever in the minimum mode and keep it pressed, while simultaneously pressing the ignition button multiple times
  3. After ignition, keep the ignition button pressed for 10 seconds
  4. If the heater has not ignited within 3 seconds, repeat the steps for ignition not sooner than after 2 minutes have passed.
  5. Adjust the flame slowly and gradually
  6. When you finish using the heater, the gas cylinder valve must be closed