Wooden floor – durable wooden floor, suitable for all kinds of events – concerts, weddings, dancing, and other kinds of activities.

Technical parameters
Width of floor from 5 to 20 m
Length of floor from 5 to 50m
Colour of the flooring natural wood colour
Surface of the floor made of matched, planed pine wood boards
Floor frame galvanized metal frame, 10 cm from base
Capacity of load 200 kg/1 sq. m. – it is solid and stable, an it will handle a fancy heeled dancing step as well as sporty activities
Wooden floor can be used also during winter

The floor can be assembled at locations, where it can be accessed by cars The wooden floor can be installed on various surfaces – lawn, tiles, sand, etc. In order to ensure that the floor assemblage can be performed successfully, it is important that the surface is flat, i.e. – the terrain elevation difference cannot exceed 10 cm. Floor delivery, assemblage/dismantling is performed by the team of assemblers of SIA Akurāts. Time of installation – 1000 sq. m. are installed within 8 hours.

Delivery of the floor within boundaries of Riga is free of charge. The tents are delivered with a cargo vehicle weighing 7.5 t.

Conditions of Use:

  • The solid wooden board floor cannot be moved to a different location
  • Hot objects (for instance, grills) may not be placed on the floor
  • The floor surface may not be mechanically damaged
  • SIA Akurāts employees must be informed via telephone (26338888) about damages inflicted to the floor