1. How long in advance I should make a reservation for the tent?

We advise to book a tent at least 2 months before the planned event. Timely reservation of the tents will guarantee that we have the required types and sizes of tents at our warehouse. Please, fill in the Order form of “Akurāts” and specify the information about the tent/tents that you are interested in and about the event. The staff of “Akurāts” will get in touch with you within one business day.

Of course, the dimensions of the tent will be directly dependent on the type of the planned event – whether it will be a concert, a disco, whether there will be catering tables, or whether the tent will serve as a warehouse or product presentation area. Each case is individual. However, if you are planning an event involving activities, in order for the guests to feel comfortable, you will have to plan 2 m2 per each person. In the section Tents you will find a detailed description of each tent type.

“Akurāts” offers two kinds of flooring: Plastic flooring – green, roll-out plastic floor to cover lawns. This floor is not recommended for dancing, it will be more suitable for exhibitions, product presentations or simply for sitting at the tables. Quality installation requires flat surface. This type of flooring can be installed to a temperature of -5C. The possible flooring area can cover from 1 sq. m. up to 1000 sq. m. Wooden floor – durable wooden floor, suitable for all kinds of events – concerts, weddings, dancing, and other kinds of activities. The floor is assembled on a metal construction to the area starting from 25 sq. m. up to 1000 sq. m. This type of floor can be used also during the winter-time. Also the wooden flooring requires flat surface or base. In the section Floors you will find a more detailed description about each of the types of flooring along with illustrative photographs.

Yes, each tent can be heated with special gas heat lamps. Thus, you can use the tents also during a cooler time – in the spring, winter, or fall, changing the tent into a cosy and warm room. “Akurāts” offers metal-colour propane gas terrace heaters. One such lamp can heat an area of up to 20 sq. m. Dimensions of the lamp: 750 mm in diameter and 2250 in height. The heat element of the lamp is a propane gas cylinder, which is to be placed on the bottom of the lamp. Its capacity is 13 Kw.

Yes, each tent can be arranged with lighting fixtures, which will allow you to use the tent also during the dark part of the day. “Akurāts” offers daylight type lighting lamps. Length of lamp –120 cm, width – 10 cm. One lamp of the kind will provide sufficient lighting for an area of approximately 10 sq. m. In order to install the lamps, you will require 120W power supply at the tent site.

The “Akurāts” assemblage team will transport, assemble and dismantle the tent anywhere in Latvia, Lithuania or Estonia – in a city, village, rural area or farmhouse. You will have to make arrangements ahead of time in regards to the time and place of venue, the desired time for assemblage and dismantling the tent.

If you have ordered a tent, the assemblage team of “Akurāts” will transport, assemble, and dismantle it. Assemblage of each tent requires various amount of time – the small tents will be ready within 30 minutes, while the bigger tents will require up to 8 hours. In order to ensure that your event goes as planned and without interruptions, you will have to consider the time required for assembling the selected tent. Additional time is required for installations of wooden or plastic floor surface, as well as for assembling tables and benches. Your event will go as planned if you will arrange the assemblage time for the ordered equipment in advance. Include the time in the total plan of the event! Of course, the assemblage time will be affected by such factors as weather, location, and accessibility, various other conditions, for instance, no access road to the site, vehicles blocking the way, or permits are necessary to enter the territory. The customer must provide for or eliminate such situations.

It is expected that the client assembles the 3×3 (9 sq. m) tent and the 50 sq. m. tent ZVAIGZNE (STAR). In this case, the customer will arrive to pick up the tent to the “Akurāts” warehouse, assemble it, and return it. Any larger tents will require special technical skills and experience for proper and qualitative assemblage and dismantling, and therefore it will be performed by the assemblage team of “Akurāts”.

If you start planning the event and tent location, please, make sure that the planned site can be accessed by vehicles. An access road is a mandatory condition for “Akurāts”assemblage team to perform tent installation works. In case of doubt of the conformance of the access road, the team of “Akurāts” will visit the location, evaluate it, and consult on it.

Prior to planning assemblage of the tent at the selected location, make sure that the capacity of the location is correspondent with the dimensions of the selected tent, i.e. – whether there is sufficient space for floor and sufficient height for the tent gable. For instance, not to hinder the constructions of nearby buildings, tree limbs, etc. The table below shows the dimensions (width, height, gable) of the tents:

Tent Width of side walls Height of side walls Gable height
3x3 3m 2,4m 3,2m
5×5 VIP 5m 2,5m 5m
5×5 5m 2,3m 3,5m/td>
10x60VIP 5m 2,5m 4,3m
12×50 5m 2,3m 4,3m
20×100 5m 3m 6m
10X50 5m 2,4m 4m